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Scooter Performance Spares

Why not transform your 50cc scooter into a 70cc rocket. Show and Go stock performance spares for many makes and models of Scooters. With a sports pipe and a 70cc big bore kit fitted, you can get a big increase in top speed and acceleration. Malossi big bore kits. Leo Vinci, Giannelli, Simonini and Tecnnigas performance pipes.
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giannello logoMalossi Big Bore Kits
Malossi Big Bore Kits offer a whopping 40 percent increase in displacement from 50cc to 70cc.
Kit comes with Head, Barrel, Piston and Rings, Pin, C Clips, and Gaskets. Ready to install.

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cylinder kit cylinder kit We stock cylinder kits for 50cc scooters
Also kits for larger capacity scooters

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Performance Pipes
Leo Vinci, Giannelli, Simonini and Technigas performance expansion chambers. These pipes will give that extra top end speed. The pipes are a bolt on fit with good midrange and top end increase in power. Not only do they look hot, they sound good. The Giannelli GO pipe offers an original looking system with more power being developed without the noise level increasing.

Top quality pipe for most makes and models. Various styles of pipes from standard to race look

Great performance gains. Race style only

Top of the range in quality and price.
Fits limited models
Malossi Variator Kits
Variator rollers allow you to tune the rate of acceleration. The rollers are available in various weights.
By changing the variator rollers to lighter ones you will allow the engine to reach a higher RPM on take-off.
This will give maximum acceleration. Where heavy rollers will give a slower rate of acceleration.
Great for tuning in motors with engine modifications. Variator kits may be required with highly modified motors.
Variator Rollers
Variator kits
Complete range of Transmission components for most make and models. Belts, gear up kits, variator kits.
Malossi Carburetor Kits
No engine is complete until it can actually breath better. This is where the oversize Malossi carburetor is required.
Best suited to already modified engines. The carburetor now allows the engine to gain maximum power.
Malossi Pod Air Filter will allow more air than the standard air box. A must for modified engines.
carb kit
Carb Kit
malossi pod filter
Pod Filter
Carburetor kits are available for most makes and models.
The carb kit is a must for any highly modified engine.
simonini Bolwell Jolie with Simonini Pipe
Big gains in power with a Simonini race expansion chamber fitted.
Add the 70cc big bore kit, and you now have a real fun machine
bolwell PMX50 tricked upBolwell PMX 50 with Pipe and Kit
This Bolwell PMX 50 is fitted with a 70cc big bore kit and a Giannelli sports exhaust. The engine has also been fitted with a new Multivar and performance clutch and springs. It reach 94kph by the digital speedo, with a dramatic improvement in acceleration. Motor retains perfect reliability. This is a great way of getting more power without having to update to a larger more expensive scooter. A 70cc kit and a sports exhaust give you the biggest gains for your dollar! Big bore kits and performance pipes are available for most popular makes and models. For standard replacement parts click here

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