Supertrapp Automotive Exhaust Mufflers

SupertrappShow and Go will be stocking a range of Supertrapp universal fitting mufflers. They are easily adapted to most makes and models. Can be fitted to the end of the exhaust system allowing the removal of any restrictive intermediate mufflers. You then use the supertrapp muffler to control the noise with the adjustable discs.A gain in power will result from a freer flowing exhaust.

Introducing the new Wavetech Muffler

Designed for four and six cylinder engines, the WaveTech exhaust system puts power, sound level and aesthetics in the hands of the driver. Sound quality and power depend on the size of the exhaust opening, which, with conventional exhaust systems, cannot be altered. With SuperTrapp's tuneable disc technology, diffuser discs can be added or removed from the muffler, allowing the owner to tune the exhaust system, achieving the perfect balance between performance and sound level.
wavetech muffler
The WaveTech system includes a polished T-304 stainless steel muffler with twelve 4 inch diffuser discs, and a polished stainless steel closed end cap. Optional end caps are also available in four color options, including stainless steel open and closed end caps, and polished aluminum TrappCap End Caps. Open End Tips are also available.

s/c stainlees steel mufflerExternal Slash Cut Mufflers

S/C Elite Boasting a T-304 stainless steel body and corrosion resistant stainless steel perforated core, tuneable S/C Elite mufflers come with a satin finish. And you don't have to go to great lengths to get the size you want.
The 4" disc mufflers are available in 3 lengths. 10", 17" and 24". Inlet diameter sizes are from 1.75" to 2.5".
The 5" disc mufflers are designed for big horse power engines. Inlet sizes are 2.5", 3", 3.5", and 19" long.

Supertrapp Automotive MufflerInternal Disc Muffler

The Stainless Steel Internal Disc Series muffler comes with a turndown tip and body clamp. Its sharp looking satin finish compliments the exhaust.
The mufflers are 19" long and 4.5" in diameter. There are 4 inlet sizes from 1-3/4" to 2-1/2"

Supertrapp Trappcaps

Supertrapp TrappcapsSuperTrapp TrappCaps are a beautiful addition to any 4" or 5" disc SuperTrapp external disc muffler. TrappCaps are end caps machined from aircraft grade 6061 Billet aluminum, and hand polished to a mirror finish. TrappCaps can be run with an Open End Cap for the ultimate in sound and top end power, or with a Closed End Cap for improved low end torque and quieter operation.

Spares and Accessories

supertrapp spares

We stock all the necessary spares for the supertrapp muflers.

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