Supertrapp Cruiser Exhaust Systems

honda Supertrapp manufacture  a range of mufflers and complete exhaust systems for the Japanese Cruiser market. Offering great performance, and a high quality finish, not to forget the increased noise level, will definitely turn some heads. Silencers are available in either the 4 inch Megaphone External Disc or 3 inch Chrome Internal Disc Series, depending on the model.

Supertrapp 3 inch chrome internal disc mufflers have the discs concealed inside the muffler and therefore out of sight. This gives the mufflers a clean traditional look, but with the power and sound that only Supertrapp can offer.

Supertrapp's 4 inch External Disc Series mufflers not only look good but sound great too! The 4 inch disc system allows anyone to easily adjust sound levels and performance.

Interchangeable end caps allow you to customize the look of your bike the way you like it. Designed for the 3 inch disc series mufflers. Great styles for individual tastes.
VTX1800 02/07
Valkyrie 1500 97/01 6:2
V-Max 85/07
If your model is not listed please call or email for availability