Keihin FCR Carburetor Kits for Dual Sport On and Off Road Motorcycles

Keihn HFCR 41mm CarburetorAvailable for most Japanese and European off road 4 stroke motorcycles. These carburetors will give you around 10% increase in rear wheel horsepower with exceptional throttle response. Most kits are bolt on without any modifications. Kit consists of carburetor, throttle cables (where applicable), air cleaner adaptor, prejetted to standard engine specifications. When considering any modifications to an off road engine, the carburetor is the most important factor. Allowing the engine to breath easier, resulting in more progressive power through the entire rev range. Equipped with an accelerator pump for improved low end throttle response. The Keihin is one of the easiest carburetors on the market to tune with precision.

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FCR fuel mixture screw

Adjustable low speed fuel mixture screw to suit Keihin FCR downdraft and FCRMX carburetors. Easy to adjust by hand, no special tools required.
Will not fit FCR side draft