Keihin FCR CarburetorsThe new KEIHIN Flat-CR Downdraft Carburetor features a works racing type throttle system, which provides maximum power and quick response, and is the finest available for motorcycles. The Keihin FCR carburetor will give the biggest gains to any sports bike engine. With dyno testing showing increases of 10% and more at the rear wheel. With today's motorcycle engine producing good power, the only modification required is to get the air and fuel metered far more precisely than the OEM carburetor can offer. The Keihin FCR carburetor offers this precision metering with absolute ease in tuning. For an engine to reach its peak performance, a Keihin FCR carburetor must be fitted.

Revolutionary Throttle System
Four rollers on each slide and two on each linkage to ensure smooth throttle movement. Unique "Floating Valve" designed into the throttle slide. Without this revolutionary floating valve design, a rollered slide cannot maintain a positive seal with the carburetor body, which must be maintained to provide accurate fuel metering.

Keihin FCR slide Keihin slide drawing Keihin Throttle Graph

Progressive Throttle
The new Flatslide CR Downdraft Carburetor features a progressive throttle linkage for improved engine control at important lower throttle openings.

Wide Application
Applications will be available for all inline four downdraft and sidedraft models of Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, Ducati and Triumph.

Maximum Power, Quick Response
Smoothbore design for maximum air flow, to provide maximum power. Flat throttle slide - shorter venturi length, for quick response. Carburetor spacing allows adjustment for fitment to most side draft or down draft motorcycle engines.
Equipped with an Accelerator pump.
Venturi sizes available - 28, 30, 32, 35, 37, 39, 41mm.

FCR fuel mixture screw

Adjustable low speed fuel mixture screw to suit
Keihin FCR down draft and FCRMX carburetors.
Easy to adjust by hand, no special tools required.
Will not fit FCR side draft