Keihin carburetor HFCR single A high performance replacement for the original equipment
carburetors found on single cylinder engines.
CR Smoothbore Design
Stronger air flow with no turbulence in the venturi caused by a restrictive butterfly valve, providing increased power.
Flatslide Throttle Valve
Allows a shorter venturi for quicker, more accurate throttle response. Roller bearing slide assures smooth, precise throttle control.
Accelerator Pump
Instant throttle response at nearly any RPM without hesitation.
Precise Tuning
A complete range of jetting and tuning parts to dial-in Keihin FCR for any application.
Race Fuel Compatible
Components and jetting available to work with "pump-gas" and racing fuels including Alcohol and Methanol.

To complete any performance modifications to an engine, the carburetor is the most important component. It allows the engine to draw more air and fuel, metered far more precisely than standard carburetors. The result is a big increase in power and throttle response throughout the entire rev range of the engine. Being a bolt on item , it is easily fitted and tuned to suit the engine. The Keihin HFCR carburetor has set the bench mark for big increases in power and throttle response.

keihin fuel screw

Adjustable low speed fuel mixture screw to suit Keihin FCR downdraft and FCRMX carburetors. Easy to adjust by hand, no special tools required. Will not fit FCR side draft