Keihin FCR Ducati DualsA significant performance upgrade for Ducati's popular new 750 and 900 Super Sport models with the introduction of a 39mm and 41mm dual Keihin FCR Carburetor Kit.
Used to replace the Super Sport's stock street legal, yet restrictive CV Carburetors, the dual Keihin FCR's for racetrack use offer an advanced high-flowing smoothbore venturi design together with a precise action roller bearing flatslide throttle and a quick responding accelerator pump. Matched with a high performance exhaust system the new dual Keihin FCR's will provide a major increase in power.
This Keihin FCR kit comes complete with the necessary manifold adapters, throttle cables, airbox adapters, K&N filter. Also available in 41mm for modified engines and racing applications.
Dyno results show an increase of 8 to 10 rear wheel horsepower.

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FCR fuel screw

Adjustable low speed fuel mixture screw to suit Keihin FCR downdraft and FCRMX carburetors.
Easy to adjust by hand, no special tools required.
Will not fit FCR side draft