Keihin FCR-MX Carburetor

Flat-CR Off Road Racing Carburetor  
Keihin has developed the FCR-MX for the serious off road racer. The new FCR-MX carburetor has many new features that will take Moto-cross and ATV to a higher level in performance.

FCR-MX Sizing Guide
Venturi Size Engine Size cc
37mm 250 - 375
39mm 350 - 500
41mm 450 and Larger

Keihin FCR-MX
These are just some of the unique features of the FCR-MX carburetor for off road applications. Ultimate Off Road Performance Carburetor
* Over flow drain joint and tube

* ACV ( Air cut valve ) for deceleration enrichment

* Hot restart button

* Quad Vents

* Throttle cable enclosure

* High volume float chamber

* Float chamber baffle for rough terrain

* A complete range of jets and spare parts are available.
Keihin FCR-MX
Adjustable low speed fuel mixture screw to suit
all Keihin FCR carburetors.
Easy to adjust by hand, no special tools required.
Keihin mixture screw
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