Keihin FCR Carburetors for Yamaha Raptor

Keihin HFCR Carburetor for the Raptor
HFCR Raptor Kit equals big power gain

Keihin manufacture the HFCR carburetor to suit the Yamaha Raptor. This kit is not for the faint hearted. The carburetor kit offers amazing throttle response with a big increase in power. The kit is designed to bolt straight on to the Raptor and is supplied with the necessary air box adaptors, so it can utilize the original air box.
Supertrapp IDS2 Muffler for the Raptor
Keihin plus Supertrapp equals more power

Now as we all know there is no point in getting extra air and fuel into the engine if it cant escape efficiently. Supertrapp offer their IDS2 muffler kit for the Raptor. This setup will certainly give the Raptor a big jump in power.