Mikuni Carburetors for Harley Davidson Motorcycles

Mikuni HSR42 Total KitMikuni HSR42 and HSR45 Carburetor kits

What better way to get more reliable power from an engine. Bolt on a Mikuni HSR42 Easy Kit. The easy kit is a straight forward bolt on item with a considerable gain in power, throttle response with smooth acceleration. The flat slide design allows an unobstructed venturi at full throttle to flow more air. Carburation is more precise at all throttle openings. Mikuni's roller bearing slide offers smoother control and allows the use of a lighter throttle return spring.

The HSR is fitted with a larger capacity float bowl and a higher flowing needle valve assembly to accommodate extended full throttle operation. The Mikuni HSR is also fitted with an adjustable accelerator pump providing instant throttle response throughout the RPM range.
Mikuni HSR42 easy kit
The Total Kit gives you everything for a complete installation. The kit includes a performance inlet manifold, rubber flange, HSR42 carburetor, K & N air filter, chrome cover, breather kit and hardware.
All jetting requirements are available as well as a complete range of carburetor spares for most Mikuni Carburetors.
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Mikuni HSR48mmMikuni HSR48 Carburetor

This is the ultimate carburetor for American Big Twin Monster Motors! Mikuni has produced the new HSR48 Flat Slide for the performance machine. This smoothbore carburetor offers the highest air flow possible while providing highly accurate fuel metering, more power, and Mikuni's renowned precision throttle response. Fuel is supplied through an extra large float valve to maintain a constant fuel level.

The HSR48 offers all the same features as the popular HSR42 & 45 Carburetors. All HSR carburetors are designed with an 8-roller bearing flat throttle slide assembly that allows an unobstructed venturi at full throttle to flow more air. Mikuni's roller bearing throttle slide offers smoother throttle control and allows the use of a lighter throttle return spring for reduced throttle effort. The Mikuni adjustable accelerator pump provides instant throttle response in any riding or performance application. While a high capacity float bowl prevents fuel starvation even under full throttle application.
The new HSR48 comes complete with rubber mounting flange, choke cable, remote idle adjuster and additional jetting.
polished hsr carby 
HSR Polished Carburetor

For the show bike

42mm, 45mm and 48mm

Highly polished individual carb