Mikuni TM Carburetor

Mikuni TM 4 Stroke carburetor TM36mm / TM40mm

The Mikuni TM36mm and the Mikuni TM40mm are offered as a bolt on kit for Honda XR400 to the XR650. This flat slide carburetor is equipped with an accelerator pump for better throttle response over the standard carburetor.

Mid range and top end power is increased but retaining good fuel economy. The TM36 and the TM40 kit are supplied with throttle cables and air box adaptor. The Mikuni TM series carburetor is easy to install and jet with all jetting available.

High flow K&N air filters are available for off road motorcycles.

Mikuni 33mm TM carburetorTM33mm

Great carburetor for the likes of the Kawasaki KLX250/300.
This is the Mikuni 33mm TM carburetor with an accelerator pump.
Will give improved throttle response and increase overall power.
Why put up with the slow responding OEM carburetor, when the
TM33mm will really liven up your engine

Very easy to fit and tune.