Mikuni TMS/TMX Carburetor

Mikuni TMS carburetor


The Mikuni flat slide TMX series Carburetor offers significant improvements over the round slide carburetor. Air flows faster and smoother through the TM series venturi due to the flat slide configuration and the jet blocks which help create a smoothbore effect. The high velocity of the air means a stronger vacuum at the needle point providing more precise metering and better throttle control. Available in the following sizes - 32, 34, 36mm

The TMS38mm Carburetor is intended for off road racing use. The slide on the TMS carburetor does not have a cutaway. Instead the slide has a specially designed internal chamber with 2 metering orifices. There is no screw in pilot jet, and the pilot fuel is now metered by the jet needle. The TMS38mm carburetor offers vastly improved mid range and top end power over the TMX carburetor.