Barnett Clutches

Barnett Clutch KitBarnett clutch plates are the racers choice when it comes to replacing the clutch. There's not much point in having an engine which produces good power, but is unable to transmit it all to the rear wheel, due to a slipping clutch. This is where Barnett clutches have proved to be one of the best on the market.

The new Carbon Fibre or Kevlar friction material increases efficiency and plate life. High static and dynamic coefficient of friction for smooth, positive engagement and release. Segmented plates run 25% cooler and torque load is increased by 20%. Will not contaminate engine or primary oils. Compatible with stock steel plates, springs and all oils.

Barnett Clutch platesBarnett Friction Plates offer better grip and longer life than conventional friction plates. Nearly all road going motorcycles are catered for with either a kit being on offer or just the friction plates. Road bike kits usually consist of friction plates and springs.
The Super Digger dirt bike kits comes with friction plates, steel plates and springs.

The Barnett plates are competitively priced compared with OEM plates.
All Barnett clutch kits are available from Show and Go.

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