Scooter Accessories

Top box fitted to TornadoSelection of Top BoxesAs scooters are becoming very popular, so is the range of accessories available for them. The top box is a great addition to any scooter. It allows you to carry extra gear safely with added security of a lockable luggage box.

Top boxes are designed to fit all the PGO and SYM scooter models with easy installation. There is a choice of small to large capacity lockable boxes. These boxes are removable from the scooter and can be taken with you, as they are equipped with a carry handle.
Tornado with top boxFor added safety some boxes have large reflectors fitted. All our top boxes are high quality sturdy units with lockable lids and are also lockable to the base plate they sit on, giving added security for your valuables.

Scooter screenWindshields, screens for your scooter. Easy to install.
Offers protection from rain and wind.

Scooter covers to protect you scooter
Cable locks to keep your scooter secure
whitewall tyre White Wall tyre's will give your scooter that elegant, classic look .
Sizes available to suit most makes of scooters.
The white wall tyre's are on a few dollars more than conventional tyre's.
Lazer Helmets
We also have a large selection of helmets to go with your scooter purchase. You can choose from the open face style or the full face type helmet. Helmets are priced from just $69.
Most helmets will fit in the storage area under the lockable seat.

Need your scooter serviced or tuned?
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So if you need tyre's, brakes, oil, we have just about everything related to scooters, so contact us today.