SYM Scooters

One of the most common comments we get from our customers is " i wish i had bought a scooter years ago". With the cost of living rising everyday, we need to fight back and look at ways of saving our hard earned money. Transportation costs certainly eats into everybody's budget. Owning a scooter is one way of beating rising fuel prices and transportation costs.

The average fuel consumption of a 50cc scooter is around 30 to 40ks on one litre of fuel ( or 2.5 litre's per 100ks, or 90mpg)

SYM Scooters are made in Taiwan, and built to world manufacturing standards, which they meet and exceed. Beware, there are quite a few brands of scooters being sold that are made in China. The quality and reliability of these scooters is questionable.
It may be false economy buying one of these chinese made scooters, when for a few hundred dollars more you can get a quality Scooter which offers excellent build quality, very reliable with excellent resale value.

Before buying a new scooter, check out the SYM range of scooters. You wont be disappointed!

Riding a scooter is so easy. All SYM scooters are automatic, no gears. Just twist the throttle and away it goes, its that easy. Starting a scooter is just as easy. Just pull the brake on, push the starter button, and its running. No choke to worry about, its automatic. What could be easier! If you can ride a push bike, you can ride a scooter.

SYM Scooters are equipped with front disc brakes, to make sure you can stop safely.

All scooters have lockable under seat storage. Ideal for your helmet, or other valuables.
A steering lock is also fitted for added security.

So all you need to ride a 50cc Scooter in South Australia is a current full car license, or car P.

SYM scooters have one of the largest diversified range of scooters available in Australia. Sports, City, Old School and Cruising scooters. From 50cc to 400cc.

Best value for money Scooter you can buy!

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Maintaining your new scooter is easy and cheap. Servicing a 50cc scooter can start at just $109. The scooter will need 2 services a year, or every 5,000ks. Your scooter can be serviced while you wait.