Supertrapp Exhaust Systems

supertrapp mufflersSupertrapp Exhaust Systems are one of the finest made for Automotive and Motorcycle use. The idea behind the Supertrapp muffler is to allow the user to determine the sound level, powerband, and performance. This is done by diffuser discs bolted to the end of the muffler. Put simply the more Supertrapp Expoded Viewdiscs the more power and noise.

Pipes can make or break you. The advantage of SuperTrapp is their tunable disc technology that makes it easier to find that sweet spot once the motor work is done. It ensures that you don’t leave 10 to 15 HP under the table.

Supertrapp mufflers and Exhaust Systems are available for most Motorcycles.
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Supertrapp End Cap Automotive


Harley Davidson


Download the latest Supertrapp Catalogue
Check out the latest Supertrapp catalogue. There are many new products in the 2014 catalogue. Please feel free to contact Show and Go for more information.

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